Quality Leaders General Contracting Company

From the robust demands of forklift traffic to the hygienic requirements of food processing, Quality Leaders’ resin floors are tailored for performance, with options like epoxy coatings and anti-slip finishes to meet every need.
Epoxy Coatings:

Versatile and durable, perfect for areas demanding cleanliness and durability.
Self-Leveling Epoxy:

A smooth finish for a professional look and ease of maintenance.
Mortar Epoxy Coatings:

For industrial spaces needing the most demanding flooring solutions.
Epoxy Anti-static Coatings:

Essential for environments where electrical discharge is a risk.
Epoxy Marking Coatings:

Safety and organization on the floor, guiding traffic, and delineating spaces.
Vapor Barrier Epoxy Coatings:

Protection against moisture, preserving the integrity of the floor structure.

“Quality Leaders General Contracting doesn’t just build
– we engineer resilient environments, reflecting our
commitment to quality that leads.“


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